Porcelanosa USA

Over the past 40 years, Porcelanosa has evolved from a small tile company to a global manufacturer and distributor for design solutions. With 30 showrooms in the United States and Canada, Porcelanosa is a luxury lifestyle brand that will make your next project’s dream design a reality.

From a wide selection of tiles and mosaics to our modern bathroom and kitchen cabinetry designs, Porcelanosa can work with customers to transform their homes into stylish and functional spaces. In addition to tiles and mosaics, Porcelanosa also manufactures custom kitchen cabinetry, hardwood and laminate flooring, cutting-edge bathroom and sanitaryware, natural stone slabs, installation materials, exterior facades, and their revolutionary KRION® Solid Surface material.


Customers can visit our showrooms and set up meetings with our in-store Design Consultants to go over products and take home free tile samples of what they see in-store. All Porcelanosa showrooms feature detailed vignette designs that show our products installed in life-like bathroom and kitchen applications, as well as our detailed product library that features full sized pieces of all of the tiles and products that we have to offer.


Architects, designers, and other industry members can schedule meetings with Porcelanosa’s Architectural & Design Sales representatives that can bring product catalogs and samples directly to them. With a vertically integrated model that comprises manufacturing, distributing and retailing, Porcelanosa enables their clients to directly and effectively source from the manufacturer with its wide range of products – making Porcelanosa an ideal choice for those within the industry.

Porcelanosa Companies


Porcelanosa was founded over 40 years ago in a small village by the Mediterranean Sea in Castellon, Spain. Since then, they have been providing architectural and design solutions to consumers and the A&D community with unparalleled innovation, quality, and service. The family who originally founded Porcelanosa back in 1973 still runs it today under the same core values of work ethics and integrity.
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Gamadecor is a known leader in the industry of providing top-quality and sophisticatedly designed kitchen and bathroom furniture. Gamadecor is always striving to design and manufacture an extensive choice of products – ranging from customizable kitchens, wardrobes, walk-in closets and other complementary furniture to its product lines.
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KRION’s goal to revolutionize the industry has led the company to focus on three main product areas:

Bathroom Products

KRION has created a unique line of bathroom products, which includes shower trays, shower screens and enclosures, shower columns, bathtubs, hydromassage baths, shower units and cubicles, countertops and other miscellaneous bathroom accessories.


KRION has developed a product range that was created to help customers design their own easy-to-install, low-maintenance spa in the comforts of their homes.


Porcelanosa’s KRION® Solid Surface is mainly used to create kitchen and bathroom equipment, and can also be utilized as a feature in exceptional interior design and architectural projects – from creatively shaped facades to intricately cut-out designs. KRION® Solid Surface has a unique amount of qualities, including its low-maintenance anti-bacterial surface, its vast range of colors, textures, and lighting options, and its ability to be molded or shaped into any form – making it an ideal product to use in any project.
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L’Antic Colonial

L’Antic Colonial is known for developing exclusive, 优质的天然材料,包括板岩, marble, natural wood and mosaics. L’Antic Colonial’s products are developed by using nature’s own materials as their design inspiration. When L’Antic Colonial products are used alongside with Porcelanosa items, such as its washbasins, countertops or bathroom furniture, any design project can achieve a natural balance.
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Butech began with the goal to create products that would simplify the work of tile-laying professionals in the industry. Ongoing research regarding new building solutions has led Butech to expand its range of products on the market, due to the efforts invested in the training of its technical staff along with a concentrated attempt to maintain the quality Porcelanosa is well known for. Today, Butech offers a wide range of materials and building systems directed towards meeting the needs of industry experts, architects and builders.
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Noken began as a manufacturer of bathroom equipment, and has evolved greatly and is now known in the industry for its groundbreaking designs regarding sanitary ware and tap fittings. Noken stands out from the competition due to the amount of care and detail given to each product featured in their collection. Noken’s emphasis on design and its commitment to quality are guaranteed to all of their products, bringing a unique detail to bathroom designs everywhere.
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Urbatek, known for its concentration in through-body wall and floor tiles, is continuing to revolutionize the industry with products that offer outstanding quality. To continue meeting the demands of architects, Urbatek has added the extensive collection of XTONE large-format porcelain tiles & panels to its range of products. XTONE can be used to cover a variety of surfaces, and is available in a large range of patterns, sizes and finishes to fit into any project.
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